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"The simple help desk solution"

The demo system is fully functional except that it will not send emails and you cannot change the system settings. Otherwise, feel free to change anything you want. The system will be reset every night to it's default state.

User default help request - The default help request form user's will see out of the box when they are trying to submit a new ticket.

Example ticket template - An example of a custom help request form for user's to fill out.

Rep dashboard - You will automatically be logged into the dashboard as the admin@admin account. This is the side of the system the support reps see and use the manage requests, inventory and software licenses.

Inventory VBS script - This VBS script will perform an inventory of your computer and upload the results into the demo system. In some cases, you may need to download it to your desktop and run it from there. It's intended to be run as a user or computer login script. Currently we only support automatic inventory on Windows clients.


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