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Version 0.51 - 11/30/2010
	- Many global configuration settings may now be overridden in
	cow-config.php.  This will disable the ability to change them from
	the admin menu.
	- The lists screen now properly displays all the places where that
	list in inuse.  It was slightly inaccurate.
	- Device audit system only works now when the device module is
	- Invalid and empty posts are now disregarded so as not to cause
	data loss when loading from a saved firefox session for example.
	- The long maintenace no longer runs more than once during the
	maintenance window.
	- The email colleciton process will now always clear out any
	messages from the inbox.
	- Ticket update emails are not sent to the submitter if the update
	was from an email reply.  This is to prevent an undeliverable
	email loop.
	- The filestore and attachments are now stored within directories
	on the file system and not in a large database file.
	- The 0.50 version was shipped with a unique ID set accidentally.
	When you upgrade your database, your unique ID value will be 
Version 0.50 - 4/27/2010
	- submitter updates not longer come up as "Unset" when they come 
	via email.
	- Rep ticket display now shows you what email address a ticket
	update came from.
	- Your installation's unique ID is now displayed in the About screen.  
	This value is automatically and randomly generated at installation 
	- A refresh time of zero now properly disables the auto refresh of
	the dashboard.
	- When checking the mail, some types of mail were not being read
	properly.  Primarily HTML encoded messages from Outlook.  This is
	now fixed.
	- Emails are now properly deleted after they've been imported to
	prevent an endless loop.
	- Custom template is now properly used when authenticating via
	- If no unique ID is set, the system forces a full
	backgroundprocess.  This should only happen once after installation.
Version 0.49 - 4/21/2010
	- rep-template.php has been renamed to rep-template.html
	- help-template.php has been renamed to help-template.html
	- Templates can no longer contain any php code and must use a
	%variables% based syntax.  This allows us the facilitate the upload
	of templates into the system safely from a web interface.
	- Corrected a problem where new device records were created when a
	device name was changed instead of updating the current record.
	- Ticket usage report date range was not working properly.
	- Search defaults to descending order on last update field
	- User cache values updated when user changes them on ticket
	- Downloading of attachments works properly from the submitter's
        ticket history screen.
	 - Emails and pages are now sent to reps when a ticket is created
        from the admin console.
	- Rep option to be notified if one of your tickets is updated by
	someone other than yourself.
	- Rep notification options now include settings for during and
	outside of business hours	
	- The background processing (sending email, checking email,
	archiving tickets, etc) will now take place one of three ways:
	  * It can be called with a cron job to
	  * It can be called via the API from an external source or using
	  * If it has not been called one of the previous ways within 15
            minutes, it will be run after each rep.php, help.php or
	    api.php call.
        It is suggested that one of the first two methods be employed to
	improve the performance for the user.
	- Sorting is now working on the dashboard.
	- Rep and Help templates can be modified from the Admin menus.
	- Introduced a method to bypass the 3rd party login on the rep.php
	- POP email checking always deletes all email on the mail server
	after check.
	- Reps can now set how many hours till tickets are marked as stale
	in their My Tickets queue.
	- Increased the machine name and serial number fields for devices to
	50 characters.
	- The machine name and serial number fields for devices can only
	contain the following: A-Z, 0-9, - 
	- Quick search now properly searches by IP address
	- Fixed the auto refresh - it was not working properly
	- There is a separate template for authentication steps.  Makes
	things a little cleaner during login.
Version 0.48 - 12/4/2009
	- Version check fails gracefully when the webserver is unavailable
	or the curl libraries are not compiled into PHP.
	- Serial numbers of devices are now forced to uppercase.  This
	improves sorting and searching.
	- Adjusted the device auditting to match on the serial number and
	then the machine name.
	- When a user adds a note to a ticket, if the ticket is closed it
	will automatically be re-opened.
	- There were some issues with defaults not properly being used from
	the ticket templates.
	- All email addresses are now forced to lower case to improve
	searching and sorting.
	- Created a scripts/status.php file to check it all the required
	libraries are installed and if the database is functioning properly.
	- The Admin,About page now includes status of modules required by
	- PHP now must also be compiled with the curl libraries for version
	checking to work.
	- Fixed a bug where backgroundprocess.php was filling up the logs.
	- Fixed a bug in the javascript calendar.  The number of days and
	the day of the week was off by a month.
Version 0.47 - 11/30/2009
	- The database ID number is now included in exports of search
	- When new objects are created, the date type files default to
	today's date
	- Generate ticket API blocks so only one instance of it can run at a
	- Search results can now be sorted.  Exporting the CSV retains
	the sort characteristics.
	- Created a daily maintenance window and moved maintenance functions
	in backgroundprocess.php that might take a long time to only run
	within that window.
	- Cowtacular now by default checks the website for new versions and
	automatically generates a ticket using the default template settings
	if a new version is found.
Version 0.46 - 11/23/2009
	- Calendar pop-ups have been added next to all date fields
	- Improved the editing of Support levels
	- Improved the editing of Ticket templates
	- Ticket submission now properly tests template field limits
	- Improved the rep/user manager
	- Only enabled reps are displayed in the ticket assignment
	- You can now change the order of items in a list
	- Ticket templates now have an optional instructions field
	- You can now restrict the category options per each ticket template
	- Corrected a non-returning recursive call that was causing some
	problems for some users when writing to the database.
	- Each ticket template now has it's own email template and subject
	- Added a select all / de-select all to the reports
	- You can select ticket templates from the rep interface
Version 0.45 - 9/8/2009
	- New button style.  Friendlier in other browsers
	- Fixed some issues with the device audit scripts
	- Editing lists is a little more intuitive
	- Various scripts now set the proper starting location
Version 0.44 - 8/20/2009
	- Major changes
	- Dropped support for MySQL and Oracle
	- SQLite now version 3 using PDO
	- Added software pools
	- Added ticket templates
	- Improved searching and export features
	- Ability to archive devices/software
	- Support levels are global now
	- Support for 3rd party authentication and APIs
	- Improved logging
	- File attachments can be made to all objects
	- Vacation mode for reps to stop notifications
	- Business hours are defined per rep
	- The system can now check POP/IMAP mailboxes for replies from users
Version 0.07 - 1/3/2007
	- Help request detail now displays dates
	- Quick search is greatly improved
	- Debug option is greatly improved
	- Maintenance mode locks the system so only admin@admin
	  can login
	- Searching is improved
	- Better error handling
	- Add user screen no longer caches the previous user's info
	- Extended field editor now reports the category type
	- Quick search will go directly to the record if the 
	  search info equals the ID # of the ticket.
	- Extended fields now exist for software
	- Password length and complexity requirements are configurable
	- Authentication system is now pluggable, allowing the 
	  creation of custom authentication methods
	- The system now describes the changes made when clicking
	- Paging and email notification was a little flakey
	- New dashboard features:
	  * Highlight tickets that have not been touched in x # of hours
          * Highligh tickets that the last note is from the user
	- Logging is improved
	- Templating is no longer a header and a footer.  Rather is is
	  one template file.
	- All tickets, devices and software now list the last user to
	  update them.
	- A few new reports have been added
Version 0.06a - Updates - 10/13/2006
	- Found a bug in the user editor that would not allow
	  you to create admins and reps.
Version 0.06 - Updates - 10/12/2006
	- autoticket.php was not working properly
	- Created CSV versions of reports to export
	- Fixed a bug in the user editor when assigning categories
	- Fixed a bug - IE could not download attachments over SSL
	- Created a global quick search in the header
	- Removed the quick search from the search menu
	- PHP support for all three database types is no longer required,
	  only the version you configure the system to use.
	- Cleaned up the user help request interface.  Make it easier
	  to style to fit your organizations website
	- You can now set styles in the admin-system interface to change
	  the look of the system.
	- Passwords are now stored as hashes in the database for added
	- You can now search software
Version 0.05 - Updates - 9/22/2006
	- Added file upload support for MySQL
	- Added some additional reliability features to MySQL calls
	- Removed some fields from the DB Schema not needed
	- Fixed some problems when setting support levels in the user editor
Version 0.04 - Updates - 9/21/2006
	- Major database schema change
	- Major redesign
	- The look and feel is more customizable
	- Multiple, customizable panes on the main dashboard
	- Multiple paging priorities per each dashboard pane (Support Level)
	- Paging priorities can be different for off-hours
	- File uploads/downloads work when using SQLite or Oracle.  
	  MySQL support is not there yet.  Mostly out of lazyness
	- Better searching features
	- There are some basic reports now
	- You can be paged via email, pager or both
	- Popup window with ticket details when mousing over on dashboard
	- Extended fields for tickets
	- User help request system significantly improved
	- Users can see tickets they requested
	- Users can close / re-open tickets they have submitted
	- Automatic device inventory system more reliable and robust
	- Ability for outside applications to automatically generate
	- A number of other things that I don't recall	
Version 0.03 - Updates - 1/3/2006
	- You can now update and delete extended device fields
	- Tickets are now searchable, so you can find tickets you closed! =)
	- The search results are a little cleaner now
	- Users are no longer allowed to be members of the Unassigned
	  group.  I've removed the "show all tickets" function, and
	  changed it to "show unassigned tickets".  This is to allow
	  for some basic pre-processing of workflow.  You may still
	  be paged for unassigned tickets if you wish however.
	- You can now delete licenses
	- There is a link to add licenses from the software details screen
	- Added the concept of "business hours" to avoid low priority
	  pages from coming through when the office is closed.  (if 
	  you want that is)
	- Reps & Administrators can now determine which priorities 
	  they should be paged with.
	- Database schema has changed, currently there is no upgrade
	  script.  Email me if you are using this software in a production
	  environment and I'll try to get one written.  I don't want to 
	  spend the time writing it if no one is going to use it.
	- Emails and pages are now properly sent.  
	- The system is now fully functional in Oracle, MySQL and SQLite
	- I adjusted the way the pages include the headers and functions
	  files.  TARGET and ACTION are now automatically cleaned and
	  assigned to $target and $action.
	- The interface has been redesigned.
Version 0.02 - Bug fixes - 9/19/2005
	- Search functions were somewhat broken
	- The extended fields where not being displayed properly
	- System will not try to email blank email addresses
Version 0.01 - Initial Release - 8/2005

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