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Cowtacular Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading from version 0.44 or later:
Step1 - Backup your cow-config.php file and the contents of your
	datalocation that is set in your cow-config.php file. 

Step2 - Delete the contents of your Cowtacular installation.  
	# rm -rf /var/www/cowtacular/*

Step3 - Extract the latest version of Cowtacular into the location
	where the old one was installed.

	# cd /var/www/cowtacular
	# tar -vxzf /home/username/cowtacular-#.##.tar.gz

Step4 - Restore your original cow-config.php file or edit the new
	one to match your settings.

Step5 - Restore your database files if you happen to have kept them in the 
	cowtacular installation	location.  (Probably not a good place to
	keep them)

Step5 - Run the database upgrade script in the scripts directory.

	# cd /var/www/cowtacular
	# php -f scripts/upgradedatabase.php

Upgrading from a version prior to 0.44
There is no upgrade path available.

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